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This is pretty good for your first animation. Really liked your attention to detail; right down to the movement in the background along with the swinging of the tail. All in all this is an impressive start.

kaoyumari responds:

Thank you so much! I wanted to give it a nostalgic feeling to the background, I still have much more to improve and learn, so once I polish the animation I may be able to add that amount of detail to the dog as well!

Sounds interesting but I'm currently animated out at the moment. Looking forward to seeing the compilation of artists.

PS: Is it safe to assume that the DL is by Jan 31 for those interested in participating?

Funny how fast food spots don't mind hiring low to no exp peep but expect you to do everything under the sky with the majority not relating to your actual job. First job was at fast food and it was okay except...well during my time there we went through 6-7 managers.

Love the vid. Very relatable. Nicely done.

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It's completely okay to explain the controls of game in the description. Use the arrow keys to navigate and avoid the orange areas.

The game is promising to say the least but some of the screen is out of view; namely the bottom portion. Did I mention the description? Even though the controls were easy to figure out though info on what to avoid obstacle wise needs to be mention. Other than that, it's a nice game with promise.

DCMarque responds:

Thanks, your comment will help me to improve the game!
So don't forget to keep playing!

It's a promising game overall but some instructions would be nice. The game doesn't respond well if at all to mouse clicks so the arrow keys have to be used. Not a big deal really but I didn't encounter an issue with the screen.

There's no boundaries to keep you from going beyond a certain point. If you do go off screen an unseen bomb will hit your platform and have you lose the game. It's not a game breaker per se but it will help minimize frustrations.

All in all a promising game. Nicely done.

It's a nice game but not sure what the timer is for since the game doesn't end when the timer reaches zero. Other than that it's a challenging game where you really have to pay attention to what you're reading instead of what you're looking at color wise.

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Reminds me of some games I use to play way back when.

Ah the memories of summers past where freetime was spent playing racing games and classics. Lovely submission. Yes...very noice.

This will make for a nice BG for a platform game or even arcade style game. Really nice.

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*reminiscing about Super NES days*

I need that cup. Saw others but this is more awesome.

It's been so long... The last I saw of this was a clip on YT where he was using a broom on a wall in an airport and later gets in a sparring match with a lady that pulls a gun on him. Next to this I really enjoy the music.

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